About SwitchFrame Media

Mission Statement

A professionally produced video is an extension of your overall marketing strategy. Think of it like you're hiring a new employee. Except this one delivers your message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's all about connecting with your audience. A video engages, excites and entertains while broadcasting YOUR MESSAGE.


SwitchFrame Media has been producing broadcast and web advertising content since 2008. Our projects reflect our desire to produce creative and informative video content for fractions of what major agencies will charge.

The Team

Kyle Geerkens
Director + Producer

Kyle Produces and Directs all of SwitchFrame Media's productions. His creativity and storytelling expertise has been a driving force behind every successful SwitchFrame campaign. As producer, Kyle is attentive and cost conscious to suit all client budgets.


Josh Johnston
Director of Photography + Producer

Josh is an accomplished Director of Photography and SteadiCam Operator with years of experience shooting for Canada's top broadcasters. His lighting and frame composition help turn everyday environments into brilliant cinematic images.