Creative Broadcast Commercials

Our creative team has a proven track record of highly successful commercial campaigns for local and national brands. Whether you're looking for a brand new groundbreaking concept to keep your customers talking, or a hard-sell promotion of your product or service, SwitchFrame will build the campaign that is right for your brand.

Web Series

Fresh online content is the key to ensuring your customers will keep coming back. Solitary blog posts are boring, and becoming the status quo. Complement your website with a visually engaging weekly or monthly video series! SwitchFrame will help you create and distribute to a massive online audience and strategically brand your content to get the most out of your budget.

Corporate Marketing

Communicating your corporate message, whether externally or internally is always difficult. The success of a corporate video relies heavily on its ability to tell a compelling story. Rhyming off a list of your company key values, delivers a message, but nobody will care. SwitchFrame is an expert in cultivating the humanity in your corporate video production, and making your audience truly care about your message.

Inform and Instruct

Help customers learn more about your product or service by creating an easy to access video portal with all the information they need to get the most out of what you provide. Teaching new employees and clients about your corporate culture, or posting product how-to videos to accompany a product manual are only the beginning of what SwitchFrame can help you create.

This campaign was designed to encourage young non-curlers to try the great sport of curling. It was very important that these ads protected the seriousness of competition within the sport, while highlighting the lighter side of the sport. The image of curling to Canadians is a balance of serious competition and fun with your friends, this campaign spoke to both sides.

This series is produced monthly before every UFC event on the homepage. Two UFC experts discuss the upcoming fights and argue their points as to who will come out on top. SwitchFrame designed the show to emulate major sports talk shows with graphic content and quickfire opinion from our hosts.

Targeted at teachers and parents who would like to see their children learn about the sport of curling at a young age. We wanted to make sure that the commercial accurately represented what the kids will be doing in class, so the spot was filmed on location with hundreds of elementary students participating in the Rocks and Rings Program.

Educational web series for seniors created and produced by SwitchFrame Media.

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