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Who We’ve Worked With

What People Say About Our Work

What We Do


From scripting to casting, location scouting to storyboarding and everything in-between — we’ve got you covered.


This is where our hard work in the creative phase pays off. Whether it’s a small shoot or large production, we’ve got the know-how.


The most exciting phase of production when your story comes to life. Music, style, voice overs all build the perfect piece.

How We Work

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At SwitchFrame Media, we’re not only about creating a great end product, we also believe in providing a great experience along the way.

We’re unique because we also do the creative behind our video productions. Traditionally, you would work with a creative agency for the ideas and a production company to make the video. At SwitchFrame Media we do both and we do them both well.


We provide better value for your marketing budgets and proven ROI for video productions.

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